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Vega (2.1/4" colour gauges)

Blaze (3.1/8"colour gauges)

Infinity (2.1/4" B&W gauges)

Velocity (3.1/8" B&W gauges)

EFIS glass panels

Accessories (RDACs, senders, etc)

RF (radios, transponders)

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VHF radios and transponders
MGL V6 VHF radio and 4 place intercom
6W TX carrier power unmodulated (typically 6.5-7.5W at 13.8V)
108.00 to 117.75 MHZ navigation channel RX audio only, no navigation functions)
118.00 to 136.75 MHZ coverage (RX and TX)
Sunlight readable LCD display
100 channels with alpha-numeric frequency name and function (when radio operated in channel mode)
10 frequency lists (Garmin/Icom communications compatible)
Active and standby frequency/channel selection system or direct frequency selection modes
Dual scan with priority on active using single transceiver
SL30 and SL40 communications compatible with MGL EFIS systems
Fully digital audio subsystem for excellent sound quality
Dual circuit digital intercom system (Pilot and passenger circuit, each with own stereo audio output)
Assignable as 1 pilot +3 pax or 2 pilot +2 pax channels
Four place microphone circuit, each with own level control and noise suppression system.
User selectable ambient noise suppression system and VOX modes-
VOX with adjustable level and fading mute, or propriety VOGAD ambient noise elimination system.
Switchable voice band filter for extremely high noise environments.
Stereo music input with automatic fade down on intercom activity.
Stereo outputs for each intercom circuit.
Two auxilary audio inputs, mono, for mobile phone and EFIS annunciator
Adjustable microphone levels with bargraph display of levels - easily adjust for best performance
P1 and P2 PTT circuits- join or isolate
Audio output drives 8ohm speaker or 600 ohm headsets
HOTAS controller
VHF antenna
Custom wiring harness

Installation tips
$1800.00 (inc)

HOTAS controller for VHF radios
Hands on throttle and stick control of VHF radios
Control your radio without taking your hands off the primary flight controls.
Ideal for helicopters, gyros and other neutrally stable aircraft.
Requires 4 pushbutton controls on your stick
Functions supported-
PTT- no need to wire PTT direct to radio
Volume- up/down
Main/standby- channel flip
Standby frequency set- MHz and kHz up/down
Standby channel select- up/down from stored channels
Currently supports MGL V6 and V10 radios
Support for other radios on request
not required

User Guide
HOTAS controller
$100.00 (inc)

SP12 ADS-B TABS certified GPS
14 CFR ยง91.227c, AC 20-165B, Appendix B compliant GPS receiver
(TSO-C199 TABS GPS qualified for SIL 3 and SDA 2)
The SP-12 is based on the Aspen Avionics NexNav Micro-i GPS module used by several avionics manufacturers.
It provides a simple and low cost solution to the CAA 2021 mandate.
It provides the standard Micro-i NMEA output on RS232 but adds user selectable baudrates
(the default is the standard 115200 baud used by the Micro-i module).
In addition it packs the NMEA data from the Micro-i onto the CAN bus for direct use by an MGL EFIS or compatible transponder without the need for further wiring.
(Only the Trig transponder via the MGL Avionics interface is compatible at this point).
The MGL Avionics T-16 transponder is of course also supported (this device is currently in development).
not required

User Guide
$711.00 (inc)

MGL stero aviation headset
Manufactured to MGL's own specifications by one of the world's largest headset manufacturers.
Suitable for use with any tranceiver.
High class anthracite look, metal frame - hand adjustable, no tools required.
Very comfortable headband resulting in no pressure points due to light overall weight.
Operates as mono or stereo headset with volume and balance controls with very good audio quality.
Super soft gel ear seals with soft covering allows a good accustic seal even if you are wearing glasses.
Very high passive noise suppression figures over the full audio band.
Filtered, noise canceling microphone.
Gold plated connectors and high quality, long life cable.
Reversible microphone boom.
Not required

MGL aviation headset
$280.00 (inc)

V6 custom wiring harness
Made to fit your aircraft.
Aviation grade Tefzel wiring.
Please supply the following information (if item required)
  • +12V lead length
  • GND lead length
  • Headset jack type (standard aviation dual jacks stereo, helicopter style single jack, other)
  • P1 (pilot) headset jack lead length
  • P1 (pilot) PTT lead length
  • P2 (co-pilot) headset jack lead length
  • P2 (co-pilot) PTT lead length
  • P3 (passenger) headset jack lead length
  • P4 (passenger) headset jack lead length
  • stereo input jack type (standard 3.5mm, other)
  • stereo input lead length
Not required
V6 custom harness
$POA (inc)

Transponder stubby antenna
Requires ground plane of at least 50mm radius
BNC connection
BNC connecting cable
TXPANT transponder antenna
$50.00 (inc)

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