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Vega (2.1/4" colour gauges)

Blaze (3.1/8"colour gauges)

Infinity (2.1/4" B&W gauges)

Velocity (3.1/8" B&W gauges)

EFIS glass panels

Accessories (RDACs, senders, etc)

RF (radios, transponders)

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Deliveries from MGL South Africa can be limited and with longer lead times.
I try to hold a stock of most items, but that changes as deliveries come in and sales go out.

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MGL Avionics Infinity 2.1/4" instruments
The Infinity range is being superseded by the new colour Vega range

Stock clearance sale- $100 each while stocks last. Check for availability first!

Inifinity Single New generation smart singles.
Small, light , cost effective instruments to pick and mix for your panel.
Rotary and pushbutton controls for easy setup and operation.
Alarm LED to indicate out of limit conditions.
operates on standard 12V & 24V supplies
reverse, overvoltage and transient protected
15/30mA backlight off/on
supply should be fused (250mA)

standard 2.25 inch cutout
front or rear panel mount
40mm deep, allow 85mm for connector and cable routing
display 37x22mm
100g weight
installation drawing
Alarm output
open collector output to drive alarm lamp/LED
max 50V/500mA
common up alarm outputs to drive a single warning 'idiot' lamp
individual alarm indicator on instrument, display item in alarm flashes

-20C to +80C
sunlight readable LCD display
backlit for low light viewing

12 months
field upgradeable firmware

Inifinity Single
TP-1 universal temperature/pressure indicator
Dual channel universal input temperature and pressure gauge
Temperature input from standard automotive resistive senders or MGL Avionics precision semiconductor sensor
Pressure input from standard automotive resistive senders, Rotax 4-20mA senders or 0-5V output pressure senders
Temperature and pressure inputs can be programmed to a user defined curve for custom senders
Single, dual or combination temperature / pressure display.
Programmable low and high alarm
Records maximum temperature and pressure reached in permanent memory
Temperature senders
Pressure senders

$100 (inc)

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